Program: Friday 4th of May 2018 [Eng]

Cross–disciplinary, visionary, inspirational and stimulating ideas at the crossroads of science, technology and art towards a creative, exciting and sustainable future.

Presentation: Virginie Claes

13.00   Registration
13.30 Welcome & opening symposium – Rector Prof. dr. Luc De Schepper (UHasselt) / Stijn Bijnens (LRM) / Mayor Wim Dries (City of Genk)
13.50 Opening keynote – Space Architecture – Arch. Brent Sherwood (Pasadena – USA)
14.35 Towards a Koyannisquatsi for the 21st century – Frederik De Wilde (B)
15.00 Pauze / Break
15.20 Flash Talk – Mix & Match
15.30 Beyond DIY – Empowering Engineering Novices to Build Sensor Systems – Prof. dr. Raf Ramakers (UHasselt/EDM – B)
15.55 Between sensing and making sense: a material aesthetics view on fashiontech – Pauline van Dongen (The Netherlands)
16.20 Pauze / Break
16.40 Electronic Plants – Prof. dr. Eleni Stavrinidou (Linköping University – Sweden)
17.05 Closing keynote – Daan Roosegaarde (Studio Roosegaarde – The Netherlands)
18.00 Closing of Symposium & Opening ‘DUNE’

registration X–Symposium (4th of may)

inspiring ideas for a
creative, exciting and
sustainable future